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22 August 2019

Tribute to Giovanni Buttarelli

8 August 2019

FEDMA priorities 2019 – 2024

25 July 2019

Business presents new tool to improve consumer information

18 July 2019

Habemus presidentem: Ursula von der Leyen as the new head of the European Commission

11 July 2019

CRODMA’s new project on integrated marketing

11 July 2019

EU: The circling of legislative wagons to better protect consumers

4 July 2019

ICO AdTech report: a wake-up call for the industry

1 July 2019

FEDMA welcomes a new Board Member – SNCD

27 June 2019

EU ethical guidelines for trustworthy AI and the EU AI strategy

13 June 2019

Post-electoral period: what is the European Commission doing?

30 May 2019

ePrivacy: progress report from the Romanian Presidency

16 May 2019

ePRivacy: Progress report for the Council of Ministers

Despite its initial plan to achieve a general approach of the Council on the ePrivacy File, the Romanian presidency will be presenting a progress report at […]

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