PEEAC – FEDMA’s commitment to ensuring high standards for on-going education in Data-Driven Marketing

The Pan-European Education and Assessment Committee’s (PEEAC) mission is to contribute to helping the European data and marketing industry with recruitment and availability of trained talent for companies to be more competitive in an increasingly interactive and data-driven ecosystem. PEEAC works through the recognition and accreditation of educational programmes that clearly contribute to the professional development of students, professionals, and companies, and empower them to compete successfully in this arena.

Objectives of PEEAC Certification


Forms and Documents

PEEAC currently provides accreditation of educational programmes in the form of European Diplomas (programmes of 360+ hours), and Certificates (programmes of approximately 120+ hours).  However, in light of the increasing transition to co-learning (peer to peer, students becoming tutors) & “learning pills” (small modules to mix and match any learning objective), PEEAC is adding an institutional Accreditation in the form of a Seal of Recognition for those academic departments / faculties offering programmes with significant direct, digital or data-driven marketing content.


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Cost for certification

Amounts are per calendar year and are VAT excluded:

Seal of recognition

After a successful application process, the fee to receive the seal of recognition of the department or faculty in question is of 1000€ per academic year. The seal of recognition can accompany any informational material of the Institution’s course offering dealing with DDDM.

PEEAC Seal of Recognition recognised by FEDMA

The Seal of Recognition is awarded for a 2-year period after the Institution’s submission has been successfully voted by PEEAC for approval.

Course certificate

If in addition to the Seal of Recognition, a course or programme has successfully applied for European certification, each European Diploma (programmes exceeding 360+ lecture/contact hours) will cost 600€ per year and each European Certificate (programmes exceeding 120+ lecture/contact hours) will cost 300€ per year. These costs cover the ongoing certification of these programmes and the material required to deliver personalised certificates to all students that have successfully passed the course. The first 1000€ for certification will be waived courtesy of PEEAC for institutes holding the seal of recognition.


  • 1 Diploma + 1 Certificate (for a total of 600+300=900€) are covered by the 1000€ institutional fee
  • 2 Diplomas + 2 Certificates (for a total of 2*600 + 2*300 = 1800€) require an additional contribution of 800€ per year beyond the Annual Fee of 1000€

PEEAC Certified Courses

Application Process

The Core Competencies

The seal of recognition is currently awarded to public or private educational institutions (i.e. universities or colleges), recognised by the competent national authority OR private sector institutions (i.e. usually training institutes). To be awarded the FEDMA Seal of Recognition the institutions must deliver convincing proof of merit in the following areas:

  1. Significant programmes involved with Direct, Digital or Data-driven marketing
  2. An academic approach that puts a premium on practical hands-on skills, acquired in collaboration with our industry institutions and practitioners
  3. A focus that goes beyond national examples and talent to include regional, Pan-European and/or Global case studies and professors.

While pan-European, the PEEAC programme is open to non-EU applicants as long as their mission is in line with the requirements outlined in this document.

PEEAC participants become de facto members of FEDMA and have access to FEDMA content & updates.


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