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10 October 2016

The value of 1-to-1 marketing

1-to-1 marketing is a vital part of the European economy annually contributing with €100bn across the 28 member states. Businesses use 1-to-1 marketing to talk directly […]
10 October 2016

Bridging marketing’s data and digital skills gap

4th October 2016 – The Digital Economy is increasingly important to every business and country throughout Europe, with the estimated turnover for the continent expected to […]
30 September 2016

Free flow of data in industry: The end of trade secrets?

30 September 2016; The digitalization and the use of ‘big data’ in industry will have a lot of potential for growth in Europe in the coming […]
23 September 2016

New standards for online advertising

FEDMA 23 Sept. – After years of discussions, two initiatives came out last week to set new standards on the online advertising. Firstly, AdBlock Plus launched […]
20 September 2016

Adapting to privacy reforms increased the cost of doing business

20 Sep 2016;  Companies that are active in Europe and who are making changes in the way to meet the reforms of EU data protection laws must […]
20 September 2016

Apple ruling indicates that EU and United States have to solve tax jungle

20 September 2016 The EU and the government of the USA must find a fair, actual and for both sides satisfactory solution for the taxation of […]
20 September 2016

Privacy Shield: October 1 Deadline Approaching

20 SEPT. The Privacy Shield program was concluded between the EU and the US in August this year. Many companies have joined this program, which replaces […]