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Timely Intelligence – receive incisive real-time information on breaking data-driven marketing related issues, through FEDMA’s Alerts, Newsletters and Publications:

  • Real time news via internal social media.
  • An ad hoc legal affairs newsletter.
  • A biweekly newsletter.
  • Free access to the Legal Fact Pact that gathers information on legislation in each country.
  • Interpretation and guidance papers.

Bodies, Briefings and EventsOpportunities to participate our network of activities:

  • Participation in the legal affairs committee
  • Participation at FEDMA’s Data Protection summit
  • Use of the FEDMA logo


FEDMA is the Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing and represents the interests of data-driven marketers from across Europe in Brussels.  It operates mainly through the participation of European DMAs and significant companies who have an interest in influencing legislation.

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We encourage you to fill in our FEDMA membership request form. You are invited to consult the documents of our membership page.

FEDMA has an annual membership fee. This fee depends on the importance of your company in the industry and the support it can give to the association.

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