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Be informed

Receive incisive real-time information on breaking data marketing related issues, through FEDMA’s Alerts, Newsletters and Publications:
  • Real time feed on breaking news through internal social media, covering FEDMA meetings on key legislative files
  • An ad hoc legal affairs newsletter with articles from the FEDMA team updating you on key legislations and an insider view on data protection, privacy and other relevant topics
  • A biweekly newsletter with press articles, studies and events on key legislations and an insider view on data protection, privacy, the digital single market, EU affairs and any pending court cases that might influence interpretation of the legislation
  • Free access to the Legal Fact Pact, cookie table and other resources
  • Possibility of a personalised briefing event/webinar for your members/organisation in your city (travel costs extra).

Be heard

Opportunities to get involved on issues that matter to you
  • Join our working groups on issues that matter to you (FEDMA code of conduct and GDPR implementation WG, ePrivacy WG, EDAA/TCF Working Group, consumer affairs Working Group, etc.)
  • Contribute to the developments of our industry’s position at national level
  • Opportunity to be elected to the FEDMA Board of Directors.

Be part of the community

Join our ethics driven community – Opportunities to participate in our network of activities:
  • Four annual Legal Affairs Committee to represent the views of your organisation, together with experts from our European industry. Participation can be done remotely
  • Support FEDMA’s work on self-regulation, participate in the work on its code of conduct and contribute to the dialogue between the industry and regulators
  • Working Groups with other experts from Europe and beyond to closely define FEDMA’s position
  • FEDMA’s Data Protection summit – held annually in the EU Parliament
  • Education – Join the PEEAC community
  • Use the FEDMA logo as a recognised seal of membership and search for a balanced approach to data

Be a responsible actor

This is the heading
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • ePrivacy
  • Digital Services Act (DSA)
  • Digital Markets Act (DMA)
  • Consumer law (eg; Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, MCAD, Omnibus, Consumer Rights Directive)
  • Digital and Data (eg. Data Governance, Public Services Directive)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Digital taxation
  • Political Advertising