National Self-Regulation

The SDV uses self-regulation to create guidelines for the dialogue marketing industry, which make efficient use of direct distribution channels while taking the concerns of consumers seriously. The SDV supports the self-regulation of the advertising industry in the Swiss Commission on Fair Conduct.

The self-regulation is implemented through the Code of Ethics, which is binding to all SDV members, and the Seal for Direct Marketing.

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  • Code of Ethics (SDV-Ehrenkodex)

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  • Code of Ethics of Telemarketing in the Private Sector (B2C)

On 1 January 2008 the SDV has implemented together with the Association the common code of ethics of Telemarketing in the private sector (B2C). It provides guidelines for the efficient use of direct sales channels and ensure that the concerns of consumers are taken seriously.

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  • Rules of Fairness in Commercial Communications (April 2008) of the Swiss Fair Trading Commission. These rules aim to ensure the observance of fair practices in commercial communications and to increase consumers’ trust.


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The data protection policy in Switzerland must be revised. The draft law has been under discussion in parliament since 2017 and is about to be put to a final vote.

The draft data protection law is insufficient, warns the federal data protection official. Without amendments in the autumn session, the EU could deny Switzerland equivalence.

Detailed discussions are currently suspended indefinitely (Corona crisis), but will soon be concluded.