FEDMA welcomes 2 new members to its team

8 April 2021 – The Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing (FEDMA) is pleased to welcome the arrival of 2 new staff members on its team. Following a reshuffling last year, FEDMA leadership took the opportunity to strengthen FEDMA’s future by diversifying its scope. Its focus in recent years had been on public affairs, mainly on data protection files such as the GDPR and ePrivacy, and the development of FEDMA’s code of conduct. The newest additions to the team will allow FEDMA to build on its public affairs excellence while adding new competencies and skills, particularly pertaining to communications.

Our new team now has three full time staff.

  1. Géraldine Proust tackles public affairs with the support of Enrico andwill also continue to take the lead on GDPR interpretation and the Code of Conduct supported by Robin.
  1. Robin de Wouters joins FEDMA as the new Communication and Commercial Manager whose task will be to improve FEDMA’s communication, including the implementation of its new brand identity, adopted at the last General Assembly in June 2020. He will also deal with managing FEDMA’s relationship with its dynamic and growing members. Robin is FEDMA’s Board member at EDAA.
  2. Enrico Girotto’s primary focus is on public affairs (ePrivacy, DSA/DMA) but he will also provide some communication support.

Now fully staffed, we are confident this new structure with enhanced resources will strengthen FEDMA and build on its already strong foundations to deliver evermore policy, support and communication to its members and the wider audience. Welcome Enrico Girotto and Robin de Wouters!

For further information, reach out to Robin de Wouters – rdewouters[at]fedma.org