FEDMA team announcement

A message from  the FEDMA Co-Chairs Chris Combemale and Sachiko Scheuing.

It is with great regret that FEDMA announces the departure of Mathilde Fiquet who has resigned as Directeur General to accept a new position after 10 years of excellent service. Mathilde will be leaving FEDMA on the 11th December to start a new position with the consultancy Europe Analytica, to lead CEPI, the European Audiovisual Production association. Europe Analytica shares offices with FEDMA so Mathilde won’t be far away.

Please join us in congratulating Mathilde on this excellent opportunity and in thanking her for her many contributions to the success of FEDMA over the years.

FEDMA has focused all of its resources in recent years on public affairs, mainly on data protection files such as the GDPR and ePrivacy, and the development of FEDMA’s code of conduct. Mathilde’s departure is an opportunity to strengthen FEDMA’s future, by building on our public affairs excellence while adding new competencies and skills to the FEDMA secretariat, particularly in the areas of communications. Our new team will have three full time staff.

  1. Géraldine Proust will increase her responsibilities for public affairs by absorbing policy and legal responsibility which Mathilde covered e.g. ePrivacy, Digital Services Act and Competition files. She will be supported by the Policy Officer, Enrico Girotto, whom she is very pleased to welcome back. Crucially, Géraldine will continue to take the lead on GDPR interpretation and the Code of Conduct supported by the Communication manager. Géraldine will also take on more administrative responsibilities, e.g. organising the General Assembly. Géraldine will continue to report to the co-chairs.
  1. Communications and Commercial Manager – FEDMA is excited to have recruited a new Communication and Commercial Manager whose task will be to improve FEDMA’s communication, including the implementation of its new brand identity, adopted at the last General Assembly in June 2020. We have made an offer to an outstanding candidate who will join on 1st of April 2021 after completing their current role. The Communications and Commercial Manager will report directly to the co-Chairs.
  1. Policy Officer – will primarily concentrate on public affairs reporting directly to Géraldine. He will also provide some support to the Communications and Commercial manager. We are pleased to announce that FEDMA has recruited Enrico Girotto for this position. Enrico is a talented young professional who spent 6 months with FEDMA back in 2019 as an intern, where he dealt with privacy files, helped to organise FEDMA’s most recent European Parliament event and substantially contributed to a number of projects. He continued his career at the consultancy Grayling, focusing on digital files such as ePrivacy and the Digital Services Act. Enrico is very excited to be returning to FEDMA on the 4th of January 2021.

We are confident that this new structure with enhanced resources will strengthen FEDMA for the future and build on the foundations that have been built over the past few years. Mathilde will be missed as she embarks on her new challenges, but we are very excited to be welcoming back Enrico in January and the new Communications and Commercial Manager in April.

Chris Combemale & Sachiko Scheuing

FEDMA Co-Chairs

Chris Combemale

Sachiko Scheuing