Case Study: Evidon

FEDMA is the Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing and represents the interests of data-driven marketers from across Europe in Brussels.  It operates mainly through the participation of European DMAs and significant companies such as Evidon. Not only is FEDMA one of the most respected advocacy organisations in Brussels, its industry code is also the only one approved and endorsed by the Article 29 working party.

Evidon’s success story 

Evidon is a global technology company focused on simplifying the complex world of Digital Governance. It empowers consumers and businesses globally to create safer, faster, and more trusted digital experiences. It is a company that supports and thrives from the digital advertising industry’s self-regulatory programs in the U.S.A., EU and Canada.  They are the dominant provider of privacy governance services and powering compliance.

Evidon’s main objective and challenge 

As companies add more marketing and advertising technology to maximize the return on their digital investment, building consumer trust has become ever more important. Fulfilling this promise requires organizations to have a comprehensive approach to govern data collection across their sites, apps, and ads while staying in compliance with global regulations and laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ePrivacy, and the various Self-Regulatory Programs for Interest based Advertising. The world’s leading brands rely on Evidon to empower their Digital Governance success across millions of web pages and apps that drive billions of online revenues.

How FEDMA contributes to Evidon’s success  

“FEDMA is an outstanding organization doing important work both for the consumer and advertising industry. It is an honour to work with such an august organization. FEDMA has a distinct Unique Sales Proposition because of both the passion of its people and their proximity to policy makers in Brussels.  One without the other is fine, but the combination of the two gives it a powerful punch. Evidon relies on FEDMA to continue being a thought leader in privacy and a bridge with the EU policy makers.”

Todd Ruback, Chief Privacy Officer & VP of Legal Affairs – Evidon.