Case Study: DDV

Why is DDV a FEDMA member?

FEDMA is the Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing and represents the interests of data-driven marketers from across Europe in Brussels.  It operates mainly through the participation of European DMAs such as the German Direct Marketing Association (DDV) and significant companies. FEDMA is one of the most respected advocacy organisations in Brussels. Its industry code is the only one approved and endorsed by the Article 29 working party.

DDV’s success story

The German Direct Marketing Association (DDV) is one of the largest national associations of dialogue marketers in Europe and one of the top associations of the communications industry in Germany. DDV represents both the interests of users as well as of the service providers. Its members represent the entire value chain of dialogue marketing in Germany. Founded in 1948, DDV today stands for continuity, experience and foresight – the best conditions to always keep the right course.

DDV’s main objective and challenge

“Most important challenges have been the European regulations of data protection and eprivacy, which made it inevitable to cooperate with FEDMA for our voice to be heard at European level.”

How FEDMA contributes to DDV’s success

“DDV cooperates with FEDMA because, as a marketing association, we consistently need to put out a message to our governments and the European Council and, by doing so, FEDMA comes in place because it requires the input of associations like ours to form a pan-European consensus. With over a decade of experience in this industry, we believe that we will work well with FEDMA throughout the years to come by obtaining valuable information from them and contributing towards better marketing strategies in Europe.”

Martin Nitsche, President – DDV and FEDMA Board member