PEEAC – FEDMA’s commitment to ensuring high standards for on-going education in Data-Driven Marketing

Mission: PEEAC’s mission is to contribute to helping the European data and marketing Industry be more competitive in an increasingly interactive, digital and data-driven ecosystem. PEEAC aims to achieve its mission through the sourcing, selection and certification of educational programmes that clearly contribute to the professional development of students, professionals and companies, and empower them to compete successfully in this arena.

Objectives of PEEAC Certification:

  • Promote and encourage the creation of educational programmes in the disciplines of direct – digital – and data driven marketing & business by reputable universities, business schools and training institutes that distinguish themselves through a high degree of practical relevance and real-life applicability, and that conceive their programmes in constant dialogue with the Industry.
  • Help European students, professionals and companies to find and select educational programmes
  • Help give visibility to those universities, business schools and training institutes that offer programmes of this nature


For the institutions that offer the certified programs Benefits for students and others that take the certified courses: Benefits to FEDMA and European Industry:
  • An attractive point of differentiation and relevance
  • Credibility and institutional prestige
  • Education adapted to the needs of a new generation of students interested in their future career prospects
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Reach beyond their national borders
  • Confidence in the relevance and applicability of the education provided
  • Competitive advantage in employability
  • Certification recognized beyond their national borders and increased Pan European employability
  • In the future: alumni will enjoy access to the placement services of FEDMA and institutions with certified programs
  • Education should be a core mission of any Association whose aim is to promote the success and future growth of an industry.
  • An ample pool of professionals thoroughly trained in the disciplines of direct, digital and data-driven marketing and business is a prerequisite for any industry to grow
  • A Pan-European Certification can help industry expand beyond national borders and aid the drive toward globalization.
  • Liaison persons within Steering Committee receive a free personal FEDMA membership (discover benefits here)


Forms and documents

Application form (currently under revision, please contact for more information)

Overview of application

Terms and Conditions

Cost for certification

Amounts are per calendar year:

One program (course) per institution more information will be provided soon
Two programs per institution more information will be provided soon
Three or more programs per institution more information will be provided soon


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