National Self-Regulation

The DDMA has issued the following self-regulatory codes for the data-driven marketing industry:

  • DDMA Privacy Code

The DDMA Privacy Code is a Dutch Code of Conduct for the use of personal data for marketing purposes. This code implements the European self-regulatory code on the use of personal data in direct marketing. The Code is binding to all DDMA members.

  • DDMA Email Code

The DDMA Email Code has been prepared by the e-mail marketer organizations DDMA, the Dutch Email Marketing Association (EMMA) and, and is intended to supplement the Dutch spam legislation. The code provides clear guidance for email marketing. Compliance with the Code is monitored by the Advertising Code Committee and the Board of Appeal.

  • DDMA Social Media & Influencer Marketing Code (RSM 2019)

The DDMA Social Media & Influencer Marketing Code has been drafted to regulate advertising and marketing through social media. The Code will be regularly reviewed and adapted where necessary.

  • DDMA Telemarketing Code

The DDMA Telemarketing Code sets additional rules for commercial phone calls between marketers and consumers. Importantly, it provides a unified standard for telemarketing practices. Since 2012 the Code has been part of the Dutch Marketing Code.

  • DDMA Code on Dissemination of Unaddressed Advertising

The DDMA Code on Dissemination of Unaddressed Advertising is also called the ‘sticker code’. The No/No and No/Yes stickers for the mailbox are an initiative of the postal stakeholders, members of DDMA. The Code is part of the Dutch Advertising Code.

  • Code for the use of Postfilter (Code voor het gebruik van Postfilter)

This Code states how companies should use the MPS.

  • DDMA Street Marketing Code of Conduct

The Street Marketing is the collective name for direct sales, member, subscriber and donor recruitment and handing out flyers in busy shopping streets and malls. Among others, the DDMA Street Marketing Code of Conduct lays down that street marketers must be able to identify themselves, guarantee appropriate level of cleanliness of street and other premises visited. It also allows street marketers to approach passers-by only once.

  • DDMA Listbroking Code

The DDMA Listbroking Code establishes a set of good practices for the list brokerage companies. The Code is binding to the list brokers within DDMA.

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The Dutch Advertising Code (Nederlandse Reclame Code)

Since 1963 the Advertising Code Authority has been the body dealing with the self-regulating system of advertising, which means that the advertising industry takes sole responsibility for the content and distribution of advertising messages. The Dutch Advertising Code is binding for the Dutch industry.

Please visit:  (Reviewed, January 2015)

Dutch Advertising Code Authority (Stichting Reclame Code)

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The Netherlands

T: +31 20 30 13397

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