Rights of Data Subjects

The data subject has the following rights:

  • To compensation. The injured party has the right to fair compensation, for harm that does not comprise damage to property
  • Of access to personal data. The data subject can require to access to his/her personal data.
  • To obtain information. The data subject has the right, freely and at reasonable intervals, to request the responsible party to inform him/her as to whether personal data relating to him/her are being processed.

In the event that such data are being processed, the information provided shall contain a full and clear summary thereof, a definition of the purpose or purposes of the processing, the data categories to which the processing relates and the recipients or categories of recipients, as well as the available information about the origin of the data.

  • To object to direct marketing. Responsible parties processing personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, shall make sure that data subjects are notified of the possibility of registering objections, whenever a direct message is sent to them for the said purposes.
  • To require to supplement or rectify personal data. A person who has been informed about personal data relating to him/her may request the responsible party to correct, supplement, delete or block the said data in the event that it is factually inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant to the purpose or purposes of the processing, or is being processed in any other way which infringes a legal provision. The request shall contain the modifications to be made.

The responsible party shall inform the requester in writing within four weeks of receiving the request as to whether and, if so, to what extent, it is complying therewith. A refusal to do so must be accompanied by the reasons.

  • Right to erasure (‘Right to be forgotten’).
  • Right to data portability.