Suppression Files

  • Suppression files for direct mail: Robinson List

The Robinson list was founded in 1971 by the Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband e. V. (DDV), German Dialogue Marketing Association, as a voluntary institution of the advertising industry. It is the industry best practice required by DDV. The List has currently 900 000 addresses.

Only natural persons may register (not companies), whether online or by post, their mail addresses with the Robinson List. The registration is free of charge for consumers and is valid for five years

For businesses, the condition for access to the DDV Robinson list is based on a contract with the DDV.

For more information on access conditions please contact:

Martina Klein in the DDV-office

T: +49 69401276530


Please find the charges of the List for businesses at: 

The list is updated on the 20th of each month and then is available in its current version for download. The number of visit is limited for safety reasons to 10 visits per month.

There are two types of the Robinson list:

  • ‘Alternative A: Generelle Ablehnung’. It is a traditional format for those who do not want to receive mailing
  • ‘Alternative B: Ablehnung bestimmter Angebotsbereiche’. It allows consumers to choose among 13 categories of products/topics on which they do not want to receive any marketing mailings. They include:
  • banking, insurance
  • coins, stamps, other collectables
  • cars, car accessories
  • books, music
  • travel, tourism
  • health, nutritional supplements, cosmetic products
  • clothing and accessories
  • home and garden
  • food and drink
  • communication, telephony, computer, Internet
  • horoscopes, lucky numbers, esoteric
  • lotteries
  • newspapers and magazines

Please visit:


  • E-mail/Fax/Telephone/Mobile/DM Preference Service (Deutsche Robinsonlisten)

I.D.I. Interessenverband Deutsches Internet e.V. & Postrobinsonliste-Online in co-operation with Deutsche Robinsonlisten e.V. operate the Deutsche Robinsonlisten for mail, telephone, e-mail and fax.

According to the E-Commerce Act, only service providers are obliged to comply. Companies are required to clean their lists monthly.

The service can be used by both natural and legal persons and is free of charge for consumers.

For companies, you can find the rates at:


Support des Deutsche Robinsonlisten e.V.
Address: Annenstr. 172 D-58453 Witten Germany
T: +49 2302 17918 651
F: +49 2302 17918 659


  • Files of Deutsche Post
  • Gone Away Service / National Change of Address Service

It applies to both natural and legal persons (companies included) and contains round about 5,7 million addresses (24 month period, comprises round about 50% of address changes in the country)

  • Charges: 1,40 EUR per hit (permanent usage); 0,33 EUR per hit (one time usage); flat fee subscription for high volumes.


  • Deceased Files

Data is collected by a partner pool concept and names are kept on the list indefinitely.

  • Charges: 0,85 EUR per hit (permanent cleaning); 0,33 EUR per hit (one time usage) 



Deutsche Post Adress GmbH & Co. KG
Address: Am Anger 33 33332 Gütersloh Germany
T: +49 5241 5393 0
F: +49 5241 5393 49