Notice and Privacy Policy

There is no required or recognised form of wording for collecting data in Germany.

The data controller or their representative must provide a data subject from whom personal data are obtained with the following information, unless the data subject is already aware of this information:

  • the identity of the controller;
  • the purpose of collection, processing or use;
  • the categories of recipients only where, given the circumstances of the individual case, the data subject do not expect that his/her data will be transferred to such recipients.
  • the consequences of withholding consent, as necessary in the individual case or on request.

If data are collected without the data subject’s knowledge, he/she is to be informed of storage, of the controller’s identity and of the purposes of collection, processing or use. The data subject is also to be notified of the recipients or categories of recipients of data, except where he/she must expect transfer to such recipients. When transfer is envisaged, notification is to be provided at the time of the first transfer at the latest.