Suppression Files

National Do Not Call List (NDNCL)

The NDNCL aims to reduce the number of unwanted telemarketing calls that a consumer receives. The NDNCL rules do not apply to telemarketing calls made to businesses; therefore, the List is restricted to consumers who do not use their telephone numbers for commercial purposes. Residential, wireless, fax, or VoIP telephone numbers can be registered for free on the List.  NDNCL registrations do not expire.

A telemarketer and his/her client must use a version of the NDNCL no more than 31 days old prior to the date that any telemarketing telecommunication is made.

A telemarketer is prohibited from making a telemarketing telecommunication to a consumer who is on the NDNCL, unless the individual recipient has given prior explicit consent, or unless the party on whose behalf the call is made has an “existing business relationship” with the call recipient, within the meaning of the Telecommunications Act.

The NDNCL does not apply to telemarketing telecommunications from charities registered in Canada under Canada Revenue Agency rules, political parties, riding association and candidates, and newspapers of general circulation (for subscription solicitation only). 

In addition to the NDNCL, Canadian telemarketers and their clients are required to maintain an internal do not call list. Consumers can make a request directly to a telemarketer to place a number on its internal do not call list. People or organizations calling solely for the purpose of market research or surveys (i.e., not selling or seeking leads under the guise of a survey) are exempt from this requirement in relation to this type of call.  See summary above re “Telemarketing and Fax”.

To register with the NDNCL operator and to download the NDNCL (fees apply), please visit:


Do Not Mail Service (DNM)

The Canadian Marketing Association’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice requires that all CMA members use the CMA DNC mail suppression list for direct mail marketing campaigns. The suppression file does not affect mailings to existing customers. It is offered free of charge.

In addition, the CMA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice requires that member organizations maintain internal do not mail lists for their existing customers.

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