On 4 July, the European Commission has proposed a new Regulation to improve cooperation between data protection authorities (DPAs) in cross-border cases involving the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The regulation aims to establish clear procedural rules for DPAs when applying the GDPR to cases affecting individuals in multiple Member States. It includes provisions such as the obligation for the lead DPA to send a summary of key issues to their counterparts, facilitating early consensus and reducing disagreements. The new rules will also clarify the requirements for complainants and parties under investigation, ensuring their involvement and due process rights.

By harmonizing procedural aspects, the proposal aims to expedite case resolution, provide quicker remedies for individuals, and increase legal certainty for businesses. The regulation addresses the need to streamline and improve cooperation and dispute resolution mechanisms highlighted by the GDPR's enforcement challenges. By incorporating feedback from various stakeholders, such as FEDMA which is a member of the Multistakeholder expert group to support the application of the GDPR, the proposal seeks to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in enforcing data protection rules.