FEDMA to speak at 2021 Data Protection & Privacy Conference in Brussels

FEDMA is thrilled to have been invited to take part in a high-level panel during Forum Europe’s hybrid 2021 Data Protection & Privacy Conference on Thursday 2 December in Brussels. Debating and discussing the most pertinent and timely data privacy issues, this event is a staple in the European privacy community’s calendar, attracting more than 250 cross-sector delegates. This year’s edition will focus on how Europe can re-ignite trust in digital technologies as we live in a society that is increasingly data-driven.

The panel, titled Exploring the intersection of data privacy and competition in the platform economy, will include the following panellists:

  • Prof. Ulrich Kelber, Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, Germany
  • Pascale Déchamps, Deputy General Rapporteur, Autorité de la concurrence, France
  • Dr. Paul Tang, Member of the European Parliament
  • Linda Thielová, Head of Privacy CoE, DPO, OneTrust
  • Geraldine Proust, Director for Public Affairs, FEDMA
  • Elisabeth Dehareng, Partner, Baker McKenzie

Register here to attend in person or online.

The session will explore:

  • The inextricable link between the data privacy and competition regulatory spheres, their overlapping objectives and where these policy areas complement each other, what frictions may exist in terms of enforcement, and whether there is the capacity for cross-regulatory collaboration
  • The need for vigorous enforcement of the GDPR’s purpose limitation principle
  • The extent to which well-enforced data protection rules can create a level playing field with regards to data access
  • The calls for a ban on targeted advertising by several different stakeholders, the impact this could have on user experiences and organisations, including SMEs and media companies, and whether privacy-friendly advertising is possible
  • How stakeholders can work together to bolster privacy-friendly and sustainable digital business models based on transparency, accountability, fairness, and real value exchange.

Session summary:

Personal data is at the core of the platform economy, underpinned by the AdTech business model. Many of the free digital services available to consumers rely on advertising revenues to exist and function. Despite rules establishing data protection obligations, such as the purpose limitation principle and transparency requirements within the GDPR, some digital advertising practices have become increasingly invasive and opaque as the enforcement of these rules across the continent remains slow. With some of the provisions included in the DSA and DMA packages, the European Commission is looking to introduce measures to increase transparency obligations for platforms in the field of targeted advertising. Some major tech companies have also taken separate steps to address the privacy challenges around data collection for targeted ad purposes by introducing new privacy mechanisms. Meanwhile, antitrust agencies are increasingly focusing on how dominant tech companies may leverage their market power over personal data in an anti-competitive manner. This session will discuss the significant consequences that all these actions are likely to have on the future of online business models and what is required to create a framework mitigating privacy risks while encouraging innovation and fair competition.