FEDMA announces new name, logo and visual identity

Brussels, 7 May 2021 – Earlier this week, FEDMA published its new name and visual identity to better reflect the reality of the data-driven marketing industry in Europe. FEDMA, which now stands for the Federation of European Data and Marketing, has a clear mission statement: aiming for a thriving European data and marketing industry that balances privacy and innovation to build customer trust and sustainable long-term value.

FEDMA is already one of the most respected advocacy organisations in Brussels. Now, its new name, logo and visual identity broaden its scope by addressing all aspects of data-driven marketing and representing in Brussels all the actors in the value chain of the data and marketing industry from across Europe.

FEDMA operates mainly through the participation of its network of national Data and Marketing Associations (DMAs) across Europe and significant industry companies who have an interest in influencing legislation. Its members use data for effective marketing and improved customer experience through all existing communications channels.

FEDMA’s industry code is the only one approved and endorsed by the Article 29 working party. Its strength comes from the participation of representatives from most EU Member States, distilling views into a cohesive set of policies for the European Institutions.

Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing is a vital component of the European economy, annually contributing billions of Euros across the 27 member states and the UK. Businesses use data-driven marketing to talk directly to existing and potential customers to promote products or services. It allows them to target people with a personalized message, is a cost-effective way to generate sales, builds long-lasting relationships with customers and raises brand awareness. The industry has a large presence offline and online, in the form of advertising mail, mobile, email, social media, online and telemarketing.


Press contact

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