European Commission launches consultation on EU digital principles

As follow-up to its Digital Decade Communication of 9 March, the Commission launched a public consultation on the formulation of a set of principles to promote and uphold EU values in the digital space. Aimed to guide policymakers at EU and national level in shaping the digital society, the principles will also be proactively promoted in the EU’s external relations.

The consultation explains that “Digital principles should be understood as essential concepts based on common European values serving as a foundation for a human-centred, secure and open digital environment”. As such, Section II of the consultation allows respondents to provide feedback on the principles mentioned in the Digital Compass Communication, including:

  • Universal access to internet services,
  • A secure and trusted online environment,
  • Universal digital education and skills for people to take an active part in society and in democratic processes,
  • Access to digital devices, systems, devices and services that respect the climate and environment,
  • Accessible and human-centric digital public services and administration,
  • Ethical principles for human centric algorithms,
  • Protecting and empowering children and young people in the online space,
  • Access to digital health services.

Section II of the consultation provides the possibility to propose additional digital principles.

Open until 2 September, the consultation will feed into a proposal from the Commission for a joint inter-institutional declaration on Digital Principles of the European Parliament, the Council, and the Commission. The proposal is expected by the end of 2021.