Legitimate interest and ePrivacy on FEDMA’s desk

FEDMA received, from the European Data Protection Board, an invitation to express our interest for an upcoming workshop on legitimate interest, to be held on the 27th November 2020. FEDMA responded positively to the invitation. Moreover, we answered the EDPB survey to help them prepare for the workshop. Legitimate interest, recognized under recital 47 of the GDPR as a lawful ground for processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes, is a structural concept of the GDPR, which helps organisations reach the right balance between fundamental rights and helps ensure a fair competition.

FEDMA is also preparing a reaction to the latest ePrivacy text prepared by the German Presidency which has been made public on the 5th of November. The text is meant to be discused at the next Telecomunications working group of the Council on the 11th November. The text proposes a series of changes in article 16 on Direct Marketing, article 8 on cookies and recital 20 on cookie walls.