What the EDPB plans for 2020

The European Data Protection Board published its annual report on the 18th May. The document includes an interesting note on what to expect from the DPAs in 2020. Furthermore, the document is a full recap of the EDPB work and includes links to all their recent guidelines, opinions and other published document. FEDMA participated and contributed to most of the relevant consultations for our industry.

Report    |   Summary

In 2020, the EDPB will aim to provide guidance on data controllers and processors, data subject rights and the concept of legitimate interest. It will also intensify its work in the context of advanced technologies, such as connected vehicles, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and digital assistants.

The EDPB will continue to advise the European Commission on issues such as cross-border e-Evidence data access requests, the revision or adoption of adequacy decisions for data transfers to third countries, and any possible revision of the EU-Canada Passenger Name Record (PNR) agreement. 

In addition to the work outlined in the work plan, in 2020, the EDPB is to provide guidance on the implications for data protection in the context of the fight against COVID-19, both at its own initiative and upon consultation by the European Commission.

The EDPB is also committed to deepening existing stakeholder relationships and developing new ones. The EDPB Members, as well as the EDPB Chair and Deputy Chairs, will continue participating in relevant conferences and speaking engagements.

The EDPB Secretariat will continue to ensure a harmonised communication approach. This includes continuing to drive public engagement with the EDPB’s activities through its social media presence, as well as enhancing cooperation with SAs. To this end, the EDPB will maintain and strengthen the network of SAs’ press and communications officers.