The EDPB’s contribution to GDPR evaluation under Article 97

The EDPB and the individual EEA Supervisory Authorities (SAs) contributed to the evaluation and review of the GDPR for the upcoming European Commission 2020 report.

The EDPB is of the opinion that the application of the GDPR in the first 20 months has been successful. The EDPB is examining possible solutions to overcome some remaining challenges and to improve existing cooperation procedures. It also calls upon the European Commission to check if national procedures impact the effectiveness of the cooperation procedures and considers that, eventually, legislators may also have a role to play in ensuring further harmonisation. In its assessment, the EDPB also addresses issues such as international transfer tools, impact on SMEs, SA resources and development of new technologies. The EDPB concludes that it is premature to revise the GDPR at this point in time.


The opinion highlights the number of complaints received by SAs since May 2018; Germany, UK and the Netherlands received the most complaints.


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