Joint industry letter on the ePrivacy Regulation

7th October – Together with other European associations, FEDMA has issued a letter to HE Ambassador Per Fabricius Andersen calling for a new approach to the ePrivacy Proposal.

Welcoming the attempts of the Council to address the concerns surrounding the file over the past two years and a half, the letter points to significant questions that stills remain unanswered, including the inflexible legal basis, the scope of application, the ambiguous relationship with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), its profound impact on competition in the digital market and the reflection of ECJ decisions with regard to the treatment of audience measurement.

The arrival of a new European Commission in November represents an opportunity for Member States to open a new debate on the proposal in order to deliver a technologically adequate, neutral and practically feasible regulation, adjusted to the ongoing eveolution of the GDPR and today’s digital economy.