FEDMA welcomes a new Board Member – SNCD

The Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing (FEDMA) welcomes the appointment of Mr Didier Farge, President of the Strategy Committee of the SNCD (French Data Marketing Industry Association) as new Board Member following its election at FEDMA’s General Assembly on June 26th, 2019. Didier’s election will bring a representative of France to the FEDMA Board of directors where DMAs from the UK, Germany, Italy and Belgium are already present.

The SNCD has been engaged with FEDMA since 2016, and an active member in various working groups, including the ePrivacy Working Group and the FEDMA Code of Conduct Working Group.

Created in 1933, the SNCD is a leading professional association for data marketing industry in France. It stands for 200 companies using and supporting direct communication and customer relationship techniques such as data mining, research and analytics, data processing and quality, targeting and personalization, CRM and e-CRM, offline and online mail businesses, full lettershop services for direct mail and publications, distribution, logistics and printing, acquisition and loyalty techniques, emailing, social media, mobile media, etc. SNCD recently released a new privacy protection pact earlier in 2019, promoting data protection responsibilities for the data-driven marketing industry.

President of the Strategic Committee of the SNCD, ( Data marketing industry association ) where he served as President from 2010 to 2015, Didier Farge is also President Co-Founder of Conexance, a French Data marketing company specialized in customer intelligence and cooperative databases part of Wunderman Thompson Data ( WPP) .  Didier is also involved in various investments in Start up . He is a member of the Thinktank Synopia whose mission is to improve the effectiveness and ethics of governance models, practices and strategies.

SNCD’s engagement with FEDMA will be also supported by Nathalie Phan Place, Secretary General of the SNCD.