CRODMA’s new project on integrated marketing

CRODMA – Croatian Association for Direct and Interactive Marketing is a professional association established in 2007. It became a full member of FEDMA in 2008. CRODMA promotes direct marketing by organizing international scientific-expert Conferences and publishing scientific and expert papers in its international Journal CRODIM.

In line with its mission, CRODMA is carrying out a scientific and expert project entitled “Integrated marketing in Small and Medium Businesses.” This project aims, in cooperation with scientific institutions, professional associations, entrepreneurs and other interested parties, to contribute to the creation and implementation of marketing models tailored to the operations of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Conceptually, the project relies on the EU’s strategies and activities, which aim to secure competitiveness for EU countries in the world’s emerging economies by focusing on strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit and transforming business in the direction of greater competitiveness. To find out more about CRODMA and its future activities visit CRODMA official web site

Prof. Damir Dobrinić, Ph.D.