ePRivacy: Progress report for the Council of Ministers

Despite its initial plan to achieve a general approach of the Council on the ePrivacy File, the Romanian presidency will be presenting a progress report at the Telecom Council on the 7th of June.
The report will sum up the work done over the past 6 months on the text by the Romanian Presidency within the Working Party on the telecommunications and information society (TELEWG). The ePrivacy has been removed from the agenda of the different TELEWG meetings in the past month, showing that the Member States haven’t found agreement on the remaining issues of the text and that the political pressure applied by the European Parliament and the Commission has lessened with the coming European Elections.

Most likely, the Romanian Presidency will hold a policy debate during the Telecom Council of the 7th June, where ministers will have the opportunity to express their countries point of view on the text. The Romanian has not made public the questions they wish to have Ministers answer to frame the discussion in the Council. This policy debate will help the up coming Finnish presidency to pick up the file the to decide on the next steps to take. The progress report and the policy question are likely to be developed int eh coming weeks.