FEDMA discusses the future of modern marketing versus ePrivacy

The event attracted a large audience, interested to know more about the recent proposal of the European Commission to update the rules on privacy in the electronic communication sector.

On the 8th February 2017, at the European Parliament in Brussels, FEDMA held a debate on the future of ePrivacy.

The event, ePrivacy Directive: combining modern marketing and privacy attracted a large audience. They were interested to know more about the recent proposal of the European Commission to update the rules on privacy in the electronic communication sector.

ePrivacy event:: MP Axel Voss
MP Axel Voss

The event was hosted by Member of the European Parliament, Axel Voss. He launched the discussion, emphasizing the importance of a balanced legislative framework for the ePrivacy Proposal and the work ahead for the European Parliament.

ePrivacy event: Claire Bury (left) and Axel Voss (right)
Claire Bury (left) and Axel Voss (right)

Claire Bury, Deputy Director General of DG CNECT, at the European Commission presented the intention of the European Commission with its proposal. It aimed at providing balance between privacy and access to data. The Commission insisted on the work they have done to align the ePrivacy rules along with the GDPR adopted last year. Responding to a Eurobarometer survey where 92% of citizens consider email and online messaging services should be confidential.

ePrivacy event: Wojciech Wiewiórowski
Wojciech Wiewiórowski, EDPS

ePrivacy event with two panels

Two panels discussed specific aspects of the proposal, gathering high level speakers. In the first panel, ePrivacy: the right balance between business & buyers, Wojciech Wiewiórowski, Assistant EDPS and Harald Lemke, Senior Vice President, Special Representative for e-government and e-justice at Deutsche Post DHL shared their views on what should be the focus of the ePrivacy Regulation proposal, insisting on confidentiality, alignment with the GDPR, and the need to grow the European digital economy.

ePrivacy event: FEDMA's Chairwomen - Sachiko Scheuing (middle), Diana Janssen (right)
FEDMA’s Chairwomen: Sachiko Scheuing (middle), Diana Janssen (right)

Diana Janssen, Director General of DDMA and Co-Chair of FEDMA presented the results of a DDMA study on consumer’s privacy, thus feeding the debate with consumer’s views on the use of their data.

ePrivacy event: The plenium
The plenium



In the second panel, the future of ePrivacy: Technological & ethical solutions, Axel Tandberg, Legal Advisor at SWEDMA presented the challenge of the ePrivacy proposal for telemarketing, and the efforts the direct marketing industry has put in place to offer consumer choice and transparency. Estelle Massé from Access Now, identified the importance of consent in the online world to protect user’s privacy, while Judicael Phan, Senior Counsel at Criteo presented the different technical tools that already exist on the market to provide users with ways to express their preferences.

Following the conclusions from Mr Voss, the evening ended with a cocktail at the European Parliament. Delegates exchanged on the many topics in a relaxed atmosphere.

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