The Role of FEDMA

The growth of data driven marketing requires a right balance between the rights of the citizens and the needs for targeting of the communication and research industry.

“There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a satisfied customer,” asserted Peter Drucker in 1954. Today, the technologies of the information revolution allow virtually unlimited knowledge of customer behavior. Big competitive advantage belongs to those companies best able to harness these technologies to deliver value to their customers. The use of performant marketing information systems in combination with self-generated data and profiling research can lead to the strongest booster of the economy. Customers will be confronted with more choices, relevant for them and will have more ways of communicating with brands at their disposal. The highest value in that direct interaction must absolutely be protected: the trust of the consumer.

The scope of FEDMA is to make all companies that communicate through any medium with aware of the power of one to one communication and of the responsibility that comes with that power. Representing directly or indirectly through the trade associations, a total of around 10,000 European direct marketing practitioners, FEDMA is ideally placed to draw up a European data protection code of practice for practitioners. FEDMA is the inspirer of the best practices in the area of data protection. As subsequent editions of the Code become more sophisticated and continue to mirror the best and ever increasing aspirations of responsible practitioners and major changes in EU legislation, so will Industry practices across the board be raised to levels constantly matching the legitimate and growing expectations of the Industry’s customers.

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