PEEAC – all information needed

Here we inform you about the information needed to think about an accreditation at FEAC. We also link to the certified courses offered by various providers.

Who benefits?

 Benefits to Industry

  • An ample pool of professionals thoroughly trained in the disciplines of direct, digital and data-driven marketing, and therefore an important resource to help achieve industry growth.  
  • The opportunity to recruit professionals committed to meeting and exceeding customers’ expectation in the area of corporate social responsibility.
  • A Pan-European Certification that can help industry expand beyond national borders and aid the drive toward globalization

 Benefits to educational institutions that offer PEEAC certified programs

  • An attractive point of differentiation and relevance, credibility and institutional prestige
  • Education adapted to the needs of a new generation of students interested in their future career prospects
  • Increased competitiveness in a truly global ecosystem

 For students and others that take the certified courses:

  • Confidence in the relevance and applicability of the education provided
  •  Competitive advantage in employability
  • Certification recognized beyond their national borders and increased Pan European employability

Certified courses

 More information to come.

The stipulated documents for the accreditation process

The cost of an accreditation

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