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How can FEDMA help companies?

Let’s be direct. By being straight forward, you can help your company to succeed and to increase the profits. The direct and interactive market investment in Europe has more than doubled in less than 6 years, and the good news is that there is no sign of this positive trend reversing!

Make key points through a continuous competitive edge in the competition, benefit from new business contacts and present themselves under the umbrella of FEDMA as competent, responsible and quality-conscious company.  

Meanwhile, FEDMA dedicates to protecting its members from restrictive European legislation and policy. So why not joining FEDMA to be the market leader?

Our benefits

Have a look at all our benefits to bring you knowledge, network and influence:

Access to all our Committees FEDMA code of conduct for e-commerce
(as one example)
Information newsletters
Legal advice Legal information in questions of competition and data protection law Networking opportunities
Political interest representation in Brussels, as well as privacy advocates and consumer protection organizations  Use of the FEDMA logo in your business papers

Further information as to benefits, please read this..

Join FEDMA now and support us on all levels!


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