FEDMA represents the European data driven marketing industry.

1-to-1 marketing is a vital part of the European economy annually contributing over €100bn across the 27 Member States and the United Kingdom. Businesses use 1-to-1 marketing to talk directly to existing and potential customers to promote products or services. It allows them to target people with a personalised message and is a cost-effective way to generate sales, build long-lasting relationships with customers and raise brand awareness.

This data-driven industry relies on consumer data to deliver targeted, relevant, timely messages and enhance the customer’s experience. The industry has a large presence offline and online, in the form of advertising mail, mobile, email, social media, online and telemarketing.

However, we acknowledge that the growth of data driven marketing requires a right balance between the rights of the citizens and the needs for targeting of the communication and research industry. Find out more on FEDMA’s role here.

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FEDMA is also part of the Global Data and Marketing Alliance (GDMA), which represents the values of data-driven marketing associations on a global scale.