scheuing-768x1152Dr. Sachiko Scheuing
European Privacy Officer at ACXIOM
Co-chair, FEDMA
combemale-768x1152Mr. Chris Combemale
CEO of the DMA UK
Co-Chair, FEDMA
AxelTandbergSwedma.jpgMr. Axel Tandberg
CEO and Founder, Tandberg & Partners AB
Treasurer, FEDMA
Chair of the FEDMA Legal Affairs Committee
Mr. Emanuel Brandis
Board member of DMVÖ (Austrian DMA)
Mr. Didier Farge
President of the Strategic Committee of DMA France
CEO Conexance, now part of Choreograph ( Group M ) (WPP)
Joachim.jpgMr. Joachim Fauth
Legal Director at Reader’s Digest Verlag Das Beste GmbH
Vice Chair of the FEDMA Legal Affairs Committee
nitsche1-768x1152Mr. Martin Nitsche
President of the Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband e. V. (German DMA)
Founder and Managing Partner at Solveta GmbH
vigo.jpgMr. Fabrizio Vigo
Vice-Chair of DMA Italia
Co-founder and CEO of SevenData