E-mail B2B/B2C – Opt-In

B2B & B2C – Opt-in

It is not permissible to send marketing e-mails to either corporate or individual subscribers without their prior explicit consent.

The sender must also clearly identify:

  • commercial and unsolicited commercial communications as such;
  • the natural or legal person on behalf of whom a commercial communication is made;
  • promotional offers, competitions and games and conditions for participation.

It is possible to perform direct marketing by e-mail if a commercial relationship already exists. The law allows the data controller to use the contact details, already provided by the data subject, in the context of a sale, for direct marketing of their own products or services, provided that the products or services are similar to those previously sold. The right to object must be granted free of charge at the time of the data collection, as well as in every direct marketing e-mail.

Direct marketing e-mails are prohibited if:

  • the identity of the sender is disguised or concealed;
  • an opt-out address is not provided;
  • there is no valid address to which the subscriber can send a request to stop the communication.