Unaddressed Mail B2B/B2C – Opt-Out

Self-regulation obliges senders of unaddressed mail to respect opt-out stickers on mailboxes. Individuals can request these special stickers to put on their mailbox to object to unaddressed mail.

There are two kinds of stickers: ja/nee (yes/no) and nee/nee (no/no). The ja/nee sticker indicates that one does not want unaddressed printed advertisements but wants free local newspapers delivered. The nee/nee sticker indicates that one does not want any unaddressed mail.

For more information, see the Code on Dissemination of Unaddressed Advertising, which can be found on the website of the Dutch Self-regulatory Association: Stichting Reclame Code.


In september 2019 a Dutch court decision was upheld by the Court of Justice regarding the introduction of an opt-in system in the Amsterdam municipality. If this case is not contested at the Dutch Supreme Court, the effect would be that any Dutch municipality is allowed to introduce an opt-in system in Municipal Law.