ePrivacy Overview

The Dutch Telecommunications Act (Telecommunicatiewet ) was first adopted in 1998 and then later in April 2004, the Dutch Senate adopted an Act to implement the EC Electronic Communications Framework into Dutch law (Act of 22 April 2004). The adoption of this Act introduces a number of modifications to the existing Telecommunications Act. There is now a single regulatory framework that applies to all kinds of electronic communications networks. The Telecommunicatiewet no longer contains specific rules for cable television networks, which are now included in the Media Act (Mediawet).

As of 5 June 2012, the Telecommunications Act implements the amendments to the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive. These provisions are enforced by the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (“ACM”).

In March 2015, provisions on cookies came into force under the Cookie Law (Wet van 4 februari 2015 tot wijziging van de Telecommunicatiewet).