Suppression Files

La Liste Robinson/Stop Publicité by mail.

Natural persons wishing to reduce the amount of direct marketing mail they receive, can request to be registered with the Robinson List, by sending such request by mail to UFMD, Liste Robinson-Stop Publicité, 1 rue François Vidal, CS 30238, 33506 Libourne Cedex. The Robinson List is sent three times a year to companies registered with the service. Registered companies must apply the Robinson List to their lists within two months of the reception of the latest List update. The Robinson List does not apply to clients. Therefore, direct mail can still be sent to clients of the company who are registered on that List.

  • Around 310 000 names registered (June 2015)
  • The annual subscription fee for companies is either 500 EUR (single usage) of 747 EUR (multiple usage).


Suppression files for telemarketing:

  • Bloctel

Individuals will be able to register with Bloctel, recognised by the French government, and active as of 1st June 2016. Individuals’ preference not to be contacted are valid for 3 years. The service has been developed following the adoption of the new consumer law (Loi consummation). It is mandatory for marketer to clean their contact list with bloctel prior to a campaign. The contact list must be updated each month.

Please visit:

  • Red List (‘Liste Rouge’)

The Red List is a Telephone Preference Service which contains the telephone numbers of consumers who have requested not to appear in the directories of Orange (Former historical telecom operator). Registering with the Liste Rouge not only prevents the consumer from receiving unsolicited direct marketing calls to land lines, but may also hinder solicited phone calls as Orange will not communicate the contact details of people included in the Liste Rouge.

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  • Liste Anti-Prospection

Land line subscribers who do not wish their personal data contained in the Orange’s database to be used with the purpose of direct marketing, can request to be registered with the Anti-Prospection List.

When registering with the Anti-Prospection List subscribers object their data to be used for telemarketing, and direct marketing by post and by electronic communications

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National Change of Address Database

Approximately 4 million households reported their move to La Poste in 2017, 80% of them moving into the same area. The National Change of Address Database contains the addresses of 22 million individuals). It is operated by La Poste – Service National de l’Adresse- and updated twice a month

La Poste Service National de l’Adresse


CS 81029



T: +33 5 57 55 29 00

F: +33 5 57 55 29 29