Consent through browser setting is possible under conditions:

The European legislation called “paquet telecom” related to electronic communication has been adopted on 25 November 2009. This new legislation was transposed into French law by the Ordonnance du 24 août 2011 (call ordonnance “Paquet telecom”) that modified Article 32 II de la loi du 6 janvier 1978.

Consent is required for the use of cookies, after subscribers are clearly and comprehensively informed, if they were not informed before, of the purpose of the cookies and the mechanisms to object such cookies.

Consent is not required if the cookies have the specific purpose of allowing or facilitating the electronic communication; or if the cookies are necessary for the provision of an online communication service expressly requested by the subscriber.

The DPA ‘Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés’ (CNIL) has issued, on June 2019, the following recommendations:

  • Consent must be expressed by means of a positive and clear action;
  • The use of pre-checked box nor the acceptance of the general conditions of use are considered as a valid means to obtain consent;
  • The individual must be able to identify all the entities using tracers before they can consent. An exhaustive and regularly updated list must be made available to the user;


  • All actors are responsible concerning tracers they are using, and they must be able to prove how they collect consent at any time;

  • Browser settings can not allow the user to express the manifestation of a valid consent;

  • Subscribers which object a cookie must be allowed to continue using the service (for example, to access to a website);
  • Cookies used for the purposes of hearing measurements may benefit from an exemption of consent in certain cases (see recommendation);


  • Tracers whose sole purpose is to enable or facilitate electronic communication or that are strictly necessary for the provision of an online communication service at the express request of the users are exempt from consent.

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Recommendation of the DPA: Délibération n° 2019-093 du 4 juillet 2019 portant adoption de lignes directrices relatives à l’application de l’article 82 de la loi du 6 janvier 1978 modifiée aux opérations de lecture ou écriture dans le terminal d’un utilisateur (notamment aux cookies et autres traceurs) (rectificatif)

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Article 29 Working Party Guidance on consent: