Sales Promotion

Sales promotion is regulated in Finland by the Consumer Protection Act, the Government Decree on practices in marketing and customer relationships considered unfair to the consumer, the Alcohol Act and the Tobacco Act.


No conduct that is inappropriate or otherwise unfair from the point of view of consumers shall be allowed in marketing.


It is not allowed to give false or misleading information especially about the price of a product or the manner in which the price is calculated, or the existence of a specific price advantage and payment terms.


If products are offered for sale at a combined price or if when one product is purchased another is offered at a discount or the purchase gives rise to another specific benefit, the following information must be clearly specified in marketing:

  • the contents and value of the offer and the individual prices of the products in the package unless the price of each individual product is less than EUR 10; and
  • the conditions of the offer and in particular the duration of the offer and any quantitative and other restrictions.


If raffles, competitions or games are used in marketing, the terms and conditions of taking part must be clear, unambiguous and easily accessible.


Participation in a competition may be conditional on, for example, the purchase of a product. Please see the Consumer Ombudsman’s Guidelines on Promotional Games:


Commercial Practices considered unfair are:

  • Bait advertising: making an invitation to purchase consumer goods at a specified price without informing that the trader has reasonable grounds to believe that he will not be able to offer for supply the goods at the price offered in a reasonable time or at reasonable quantities, taking into account the quality and price of the goods and the scale of advertising.
  • In relation to special offers: falsely stating that a product will only be available for a very limited time or that it will only be available on particular terms for a very limited time, in order to elicit an immediate purchasing decision.
  • Falsely claiming to offer a competition or prize.
  • In relation to free products: describing the product as “free”, “without charge” or similar if the consumer has to pay anything other than the unavoidable cost of responding to the promotion and collecting or paying for delivery of the product.


Commercial practices considered aggressive are:

  • In regard to prize competition: creating the false impression that the consumer has already won or will win on doing a particular act, a prize or other equivalent benefit, when in fact either there is no prize or benefit or taking any action in relation to claiming the prize or benefit is subject to the consumer paying money or incurring a cost.