Rights of Data Subjects

The data subject has the following rights:

  • To compensation. The data subject has the right to compensation for any damages, satisfaction and surrender of profits if the data subject’s personality has been violated without sufficient justification.
  • To obtain information. Any person may request from the data controller the following information:
  • whether data controller processes data relating to the data subject;
  • information as to all personal data relating to the data subject;
  • the purposes of the processing and, where applicable, the legal basis for the processing;
  • the categories of personal data concerned;
  • the persons involved in the processing of the data collection;
  • the recipients to whom the data are disclosed.
  • To object to processing. The data subject has the right to object the processing of his personal data.
  • To rectification, erasure and blocking of the personal data. The data subject may request:
  • the personal data to be rectified or erased;
  • to block the disclosure of personal data to third parties.