Sales Promotion

According to the Bulgarian Consumer Protection Act 2005, aggressive trade practices include sending persuasive and unwanted marketing messages by phone, fax, email or any other tool for communication across distance, unless:

  • there is a binding contractual requirement by law, or
  • both the Bulgarian Personal Data Protection Act and Art. 6 (2) of the Electronic Commerce Act are not breached.


Other unfair commercial practices include, for example, lying to the consumer that they can win a prize, which actually does not exist, or their requested actions will not result in them receiving the prize; or requiring payment from the customer for services or goods, which the consumer did not request in the first place; or advertisements, which directly encourage children to buy or make their parents or other adults buy the goods offered on the advertisement. The Commission for Protection of Consumers is the body that enforces this Act and is empowered to impose sanctions for non-compliance. This authority  also is in charge of a Register for Unfair Commercial Practices.

Please visit: (Chapter Four Commercial Practices and Methods of Sale, Section IV, Art.68j (3)).


The Bulgarian Protection of Competition Act 2008 aims to ensure fair competition field and economic prosperity by protecting free economic initiatives. It aims to ensure protection against agreements, decisions and concerted practices, abuse of monopolistic and dominant position on the market and any other acts or actions that may result in prevention, restriction or distortion of competition in the country and/or affect the trade between the Member States of the European Union, as well as against unfair competition (Art. 1 (2)). The Commission for Protection of Competition is the authority which has the power to enforce this Act and impose sanctions for violations of its provisions.

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