FEDMA principles on Ethical Data Management

FEDMA Ethical Data Management Charter (pdf)

Communication in general and marketing in particular went through colossal changes with fast technological evolutions (internet, social media, mobile, internet of things…). Those waves have changed the way brands communicate and the way individuals consume. Individuals have a voice and demand interactivity in all media - including advertisements. One-way communication is not enough anymore when the consumer wants to play an active role. The digital world has forced communication to become interactive. Furthermore, through the millions on digital and social media, it’s also true that the consumer wants to be perceived as unique among millions. Brands have decided to put the consumer in the centre of their strategy and to offer him personalized communication and a real-time experience.

Personalized communication, real-time and interactive dialogue, one to one communication, all the new communication business models are based on data. Direct marketing is the most efficient and respectful communication channel. Direct and Interactive marketing’ success is based on data: we are the Data-Driven Marketing industry!

Access to data is, the basis of our work and our main asset, in a world where privacy and data protection have become an increased concern, and where transparency to the individuals and ethics in data management are lagging behind.

The Direct and Interactive marketing industry has worked for decades and still works every day to build and maintain the most important asset we have: the consumer trust.

For these reasons, FEDMA put the steps to achieve a European Compliance on Privacy and Ethical Management. The first step has been the development of this charter on Ethical Data Management. Marketers can agree on simple rules and guidelines. Signing the Charter is the first milestone in the right direction. The follow up is to develop a European label for Ethical Data Managers and compliant organisations through technical workshops, legal assistance, and a self-regulatory process to achieve European Legal Compliance, delivered by FEDMA, the only omnichannel marketing federation recognized by the EU institutions.


Through its many activities, FEDMA is dedicated to building the business of cross-border Data-Driven marketing, both through its vast network of contacts and businesses within and beyond Europe and by representation within the institutions of the European Union.

FEDMA's mission is to:

Protect the European direct and interactive marketing industry and the interests of our members. FEDMA aims to encourage the European institutions to ensure a healthy commercial and legislative environment within which the one-to-one industry may prosper.

Promote members, governments, media, businesses and consumers about the European direct and interactive marketing industry and encourage education and training for the sector.

Inform members, governments, media, businesses and consumers about the European direct and interactive marketing industry and encourage education and training for the sector.