Data Protection Day 2016


FEDMA is celebrating the next International Data Protection Day with the organisation of a special event in the European Parliament, together with MEP Michal Boni, dedicated to data protection and ethics.


Data Protection and Ethics: bridging the gap in the data-driven world

Wednesday 27th January – 17:30 – 20:00

European Parliament, Brussels


Hosted by MEP Michal Boni (EPP logo)



As EU decision makers are in the last steps of adoption of the new General Data Protection Regulation, this event will be the perfect occasion for the industry to voice its concerns as to the feasibility of the decision taken in Brussels and to question the practical implementation of the rules in the real, data-driven, world.

The evening will gather representatives of the European Parliament, the European Commission, Data Protection regulators, lawyers, academics, consumers and the industry to discuss the challenges ahead: implementation.

The event will also focus on the notion of ethics around privacy and data protection. How ethics can be embedded in the practices of our data driven world and become an easy solutions for organisation to adopt.

We are happy to have the participation of


·         Mr Frederic Donck from Internet Society

·         Dr Christopher Kuner from Vrije Universiteit Brussel

·         Mr David Martin from BEUC

·         Ms Florence Raynal from the CNIL

·         Mr Eduardo Ustaran from Hogan Lovells

·        As well as many other speakers to be soon announced…


To register to this event, send an email at dataethics(at)

If you need an access badge to the European Parliament Building in Brussels, please specify your full name, date of birth, ID type and ID number.


Data Protection and Ethics: Bridging the gap in a data-driven world is a side event of the Computer, Privacy & Data Protection conference


For further information about the event, please send an email at mfiquet(at)

Marketing Summit


Special Thanks to Microsoft for hosting this Event

As disruptive technologies are invented, marketers must sustain trust. This event helped participants answer three questions: 

What are the innovation trends that marketers need to be aware of?

What are the remaining barriers or challenges to becoming a data-driven European economy?

How to reach the right balance between Big Data and privacy?

Read the full report of the event and access to speakers' presentations.


About FEDMA 

Through its many activities, FEDMA is dedicated to building the business of cross-border Data-Driven marketing, both through its vast network of contacts and businesses within and beyond Europe and by representation within the institutions of the European Union.

FEDMA’s Charter on Ethical Personal Data Management for the Data-Driven Marketing industry, is first step towards the review of the organisation's existing codes of conduct and the development of a dedicated self-regulatory programme. FEDMA paves the way towards European Compliance on Privacy and Ethical Data Management. The first step is the development of this Charter on Ethical Personal Data Management. Marketers can agree on simple rules and guidelines. Developing and signing this Charter will be the milestone to continue in the right direction. The follow-up is the development of a European label for Ethical Data Managers and compliant organisation through workshops, legal assistance, and a self-regulatory process to achieve European Legal Compliance, delivered by FEDMA, the only omnichannel Marketing Federation recognised by the EU institutions.

FEDMA's mission is to:

Protect the European direct and interactive marketing industry and the interests of our members. FEDMA aims to encourage the European institutions to ensure a healthy commercial and legislative environment within which the one-to-one industry may prosper.

Promote members, governments, media, businesses and consumers about the European direct and interactive marketing industry and encourage education and training for the sector.

Inform members, governments, media, businesses and consumers about the European direct and interactive marketing industry and encourage education and training for the sector.